What we do?

We seek to engage anyone wishing to understand and invest in cryptocurrency and the new digital gold rush.

Who is Hodl the Moon

We believe in the growth potential of cryptocurrency and in the transformative power of digital coins, smart contracts and blockchain technologies (sometimes called fintech – financial technology).

What does 'Hodl' Mean?

Bitcoin has been around for a relatively short period of time, alongside which a community of enthusiasts, believers and evangelicals has developed and grown with this new form of money.

This has seen the creation of a new language which may seem strange to the uninitiated. Hodl is simply the mis-spelling of ‘hold’ by a young crypto enthusiast in a now infamous message board rant, which can be seen here.

He was simply trying to convey the point he should not trade his coins. Since then, hodl has become a by-word for staying calm in times of bitcoin price volatility; and that eventually the hodlers will reach their destination, which is...

The Moon?

You guessed it, this is the term crypto believers assign to future price projections of any given coin. It is commonly heard amongst the community. For example, where is the bitcoin price going next year? Answer, the moon!