OmiseGo (OMG)

Promising to ‘Unbank the Banked’, OmiseGo is an open payment platform and decentralised exchange issued on Ethereum. It promises to provide better financial services for everyone; including those who use traditional banking services and those who can’t.

OmiseGo (OMG)

Official Website:

Key Facts

  • Built on existing product Omise – a venture-backed payments company operating in Thailand, Japan, Singapore and Indonesia.
  • Offers a solution to the co-ordination problem between payment processors, financial gateways and financial institutions.
  • OmiseGo is supported by well-known Ethereum developers including Vitalik Buterin and Gavin Wood and has the endorsement and support of the Bank of Thailand.
  • The OmiseGo project is designed by the creator of the Lightening Network Joseph Poon.
  • The OmiseGo ICO raised over $25m.
  • The OmiseGo network is public and permissionless like bitcoin and Ethereum.
  • OmiseGo is a proof of stake blockchain with a total supply of 140,245,398 OMG.
  • OmiseGo has a white label wallet called SDK and the network describes itself as intrinsically agnostic in regards to currencies whether crypto or fiat.

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