Latest ICO's

We provide a general overview of upcoming and ongoing ICO’s (Initial Coin Offerings). These are also known as token sales, crowdsales or sometimes IPCO’s (Initial Public Coin Offerings). Typically, new ICO’s are announced on cryptocurrency forums such as Bitcointalk and additional research can be found at Smith and Crown.

For a more detailed understanding of ICO’s, please read our ICO’s explained section. Once ICO’s are successful and their projects launched, tokens are listed on cryptocurrency exchanges. The largest exchange by volume today is Poloniex.

Tezos (XTC) July 1 – July 14

Tezos is an uncapped ICO and due to become the largest crowdfunding project ever. It is uses a delegated proof of stake algorithm (DPOS) and is similar to Ethereum as it uses Turing complete smart contracts. Where it differs from Ethereum is in its consensus algorithm, governance mechanisms and smart contract programming languages.

ABTcoin (ATB) June 12 – July 12

ABTcoin incorporates a delegated proof of stake blockchain together with Segregated Witness and Lightening Network technology. This means borderless micropayments can be recorded in microseconds. The maximum tokens issued are 333 million, with 50 million assigned to the crowdsale. The targeted amount of the ICO is $50m.

Bitquence (BQX) June 28 – July 13

Bitquence advertises itself as ‘Where Paypal meets Nasdaq’ in a universal mobile wallet. Bitquence’s token powers a ‘currency agnostic’ platform by allowing dynamic one click asset diversification: holding and transferring value between users and currencies quickly and securely. Minimum funding goal is 5,000 ETH; with a maximum 35% token allocation assigned for crowdsale (including 5% referrals and rewards).

Orocrypt (OROC) June 14 – July 14

Oroc tokens are backed by shares in Orocrypt Inc. There is a total supply of 1,112,000 with 45% being offered for sale. Tokens are priced at 9 EUR and are needed for two years operating capital. Orocrypt plan to issue tokenized precious metal in Q3 2017. The two largest investors purchasing over 56,000 tokens will have a right to a seat on the Board of Directors.

SONM (SNM) June 15 – July 15

SNM has a token supply of 222 million with 165,680,000 being distributed in the ICO. SONM are looking to raise funds in Ether, with a maximum investment cap of $38m. SONM is an Ethereum based network and the reason for the ICO is to provide cost benefits, security and improved efficiencies of cloud platforms and decentralised worldwide computational power.

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