How to buy bitcoin

So, you want a piece of the bitcoin pie?

First things first...

There is a huge mis-conception to buying bitcoin (BTC), that you have to buy a 'whole bitcoin'. This is not the case. Bitcoin is divisible by 100,000,000 (yes, that is one hundred million!), so you can purchase a 'bit' of bitcoin in sums you are comfortable with.

Follow the instructions below to get you on the way to living the crypto dream (and possibly becoming a crypto millionaire!)


To purchase your first Bitcoins using Coinbase, you will need:
  • a valid email address
  • a bank credit/debit card
  • proof of identity: passport, driving licence or photo ID

Step 1:

Open your favourite web browser and go to Coinbase. Enter your full name, email address and a secure password, tick the 'Im not a robot' and agree to the Coinbase terms and conditions.

Coinbase signup

You will receive a verification email.
Click the link in the email to confirm your account.

Coinbase signup thanks

Step 2:

Choose the + Add Payment Method option.

Coinbase signup thanks

Step 3:

Select Credit/Debit Card (3D-Secure) from the Add a Payment Method screen.

Step 4:

Select the ID type you wish to upload for verification.

ID verification can take a couple of minutes to process. Be patient :-)

Once your ID has been accepted, you will instantly be able to purchse your Bitcoin.

Step 5:

Select the Buy/Sell option from the menu. The credit/debit card you added in the previous step should appear under the Payment Method element.

Enter the amount your wish to purchase in GBP/USD. Coinbase will convert the total to BTC.

Once payment is confirmed, your BTC amount will automatically update and confirmation of purchase sent to your email address.

Mission complete

Congratulations, you are the proud owner of Bitcoin!
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