Crypto Debit Cards

Bitcoin debit cards bring together the traditional financial world and cryptocurrency, providing an easy way to cash out your coins. Whilst you can’t spend your bitcoin directly, they allow you to load with bitcoin and then spend at merchants who accept debit or credit card payments.

Most debit card top ups only take a few moments, so you can hold your balance in bitcoin up until funds are required. Depending on your jurisdiction*, here are some of the best known debit cards available to order today:

This is the oldest and most established bitcoin debit card with over 23,000 of these VISA cards issued. Benefits include low commissions; free worldwide delivery; both chip and pin and virtual cards available; accepted anywhere VISA debit cards are accepted, including automated teller machines (ATM’s) for cash withdrawals. Cryptopay also have very friendly and responsive customer service.

Cryptopay Debit Card

Similar to Cryptopay, the Spectrocoin Debit Cards are accepted anywhere VISA and Mastercard are accepted (including ATM’s for cash withdrawals). Spectrocoin can also be linked to Paypal or any other online wallet and this card can be loaded from multiple digital currencies (not just bitcoin). Cards are issued in several currencies.

spectorcard Debit Card

Other debit cards available include:

* Be aware that depending on your jurisdiction, capital gains tax may be liable when you load your bitcoin debit card. If needed, seek professional advice.

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