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Posted 09 September 2017 The Blockchain Times
Written by Jon Gulson @jongulson
Believe it or not, good news stories are slowly beginning to appear in the mainstream media about Bitcoin – or at least stories that don’t regurgitate old platitudes of money for criminals, a ponzi scheme, tulip bubble, waste of energy, a solution in search of a problem etc.

In some sectors of the media however, intransigence remains.

A Battle for Hearts, Minds & Wallets

Traditional journalism is fighting a war with technology companies over the authenticity of content – often referred to as ‘fake news’. It believes a company like Facebook is indifferent to what is published on their site, except insofar as it helps target and sell advertisements.

This so called fake news is cheap to produce and by clicking on it, drives out ‘true news’ at the expense of 'real' organisations who publish it. Or so parts of the media would have us believe.

Clearly they (the media) don't like how the internet has carved up advertising revenue with algorithms they don’t understand and challenged how content is monetized. And nor they like how decentralising forces of technology and Bitcoin are moving narratives away from them.

And therein lays the culture conflict – the legacy media is rooted in tradition, the other is paving a new path. It is a source of fascination how reporters can be let of the leash in regards this - to not let the facts get in the way of some good old fashioned Bitcoin bashing and FUD spreading.

After all, Satoshi can’t be libeled.

Written by Jon Gulson @jongulson
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