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Scarcity, Satiation, Style, Satoshi

Posted 04 January 2018 Scarcity, Satiation, Style, Satoshi
Written by Jon Gulson
The purpose of this blog is to elaborate on previous reflections of what bitcoin is for and about; because we may be the last generation to draw upon the culminated knowledge of the ages.

In avoiding the situation of Sisyphus, this deliberately brief blog may seem to over-simplify many of issues surrounding bitcoin and the nature of money. More comprehensive and technical explanations can be found at Juice’s page.

How Software Became Capital

Karl Marx’s dread inducing opus ‘Capital’ contended capital was production based and reached economic prognosis as a result. If Marx had stayed on the path of the romantics, perhaps modern history would have followed a less abrasive course.

In contrast, the latter parts of the previous century saw a gradual gestation toward capital being consumer based. This eventually manifested in technology and software allowing structured work toward objectives not obviously material.

As a result, arguably resolving the founding problem of all economic theory: scarcity allocation.

Satoshi suggests here that if bitcoin could find any value at all, it could self-fulfil (possibly by beginning to distribute time, experience and work in a way previous forms of money have been unable).

Making bitcoin’s style its usefulness: peace of mind through a direct appeal to the imagination (for which there is no production based economic measure). And as liquidity and money reach an apex of sophistication difficult to foresee, it could be that intuition becomes capital.

As we become the last generation to draw upon the culminated knowledge of the ages.
Written by Jon Gulson
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