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Bitcoin: Money For Millennials

Bitcoin: Money For Millennials
Written by Adi Young @adiyoung
Posted 24 July 2017
Millennials. (also known as Generation Y or Gen Y) - “Individuals who reached adulthood around the turn of the 21st century.”

A generation born onto a digital planet, armed tech-savvy on arrival. An outspoken cohort addicted to handheld VDU’s, social media and next day delivery services. It’s the generation of the beautiful people who have literally everything at their fingertips. 

Everything? Well, not quite. Unfortunately (and for most, unknowingly), Gen Y have possibly drawn the shortest straw of recent-past generations – especially in areas of financial debt and future growth.

With historically low interest rates and inflation beginning to creep higher, echoes of another financial crisis can once again be heard - leaving Gen Y nothing less than major financial challenges to look forward to.

Gone are the days where people could put their money into low-risk, safe investments where they could be assured to see their money grow over time.

People are now having to hedge their bets and enter into riskier investments to witness any kind of financial gain in their non-existent or dwindling portfolios.

A Sales Letter Generation Y


Dear Millennial,

My name is Satoshi Nakamoto, and I am writing to you today as I have an investment opportunity that you may wish to seriously consider.

Back in 2008, I released a white paper outlining a new technology (I know you love technology) that is going to revolutionize the world’s financial system.

I called it Bitcoin. I believe it is the future of money and is now regarded as money for the internet by many of its early adopters.

Below are 5 benefits you can instantly take advantage of to help improve your wealth.

• Trade electronically to anywhere in the world (bitcoin is borderless)
• Low transaction fees.
• No need to setup a bank account – and no ID required.
• Make anonymous payments.
• Your holdings could increase, to the point where you could live off the increased value!

For further information, you can visit

Good luck for the future,
S. Nakamoto

There you have it - an informed sales pitch to the masses from an unknown genius.

Could this new digital payment system really lead an entire generation to increased wealth?

Very plausible.

Despite the currency's volatile nature, bitcoin millionaires are being digitally minted almost each day of the week. The price has rallied once again in 2017, making it a store of wealth hard to ignore.

And with that said, a whole new generation of crypto traders could be born!

Written by Adi Young @adiyoung
Posted 24 July 2017
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