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How Satoshi Resolved the Modern Time Famine

Posted 07 November 2017 How Satoshi Resolved the Modern Time Famine
Written by Jon Gulson @jongulson
The unconsidered life, proclaimed Socrates (on trial for impiety), is not worth living.

For no matter how much bitcoin creates sacrilege and effrontery amongst financiers who regard money creation as their private privilege; Socrates citation is redolent of bitcoin’s sheer wrought logic – and how Satoshi Nakamoto followed a path originating from previous attempts at creating digital cash and cryptosystems. 

Cypherpunk: the importance of being your own audience

Cypherpunk – ironically – is a label which loses its cache the more it is used. The very idea of punk is to be your own man, have your own thoughts, and do things your own way – it’s a doing word rather than a description of yourself. 

This perfectly explains the bricolage of coders who took it upon themselves to build something outside the system and hold it together with a hashing algorithm. It's result – bitcoin – is now affording millions of people across the world the opportunity to be their own bank.

Further irony is not so much we don’t know who Satoshi is, but that we don’t need to. This strongly suggests Satoshi’s motives were not fuelled from altruism or patronage. In a world where identity culture and lifestyle politics are slowly going mad, this is incredibly timely.

Lets get to the (decimal) point

Satoshi was his own best enemy who knew not to meet your heroes – for they will only let you down. Or lose their trials for corrupting youth.

As long as we remember history, we will remember Satoshi as the creator of a decentralised, trustless and digital ledger; which with progressive certainty and every new adherent, approaches a pinnacle in synthesis between perfect technology and completely imperfect, irrational thought.

Bitcoin is the invisible electronic hand and we are perhaps the last generation able to pass on the cumulative knowledge of the ages. Again, just in time in a world with a gradually increasing emphasis on restrictive identity politics.

As little as 15 years ago, the emphasis was on economic growth and personal prosperity. This is what a decade of austerity has done – as people feel poorer and unable to build wealth, they turn on each other. The modern way has become miasmatic as a result of the internet disrupting the information chain. 

And so Satoshi found an alternative and an answer before the problem became acute. He found a way of creating wealth and time by moving the decimal point and creating a cryptographic consensus, not a social consensus. He created something new, invigorating, alluring and gestalt – something with just a little light, will cause a thousand nodes to bloom.
Written by Jon Gulson @jongulson
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