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Burger King Launches Whoppercoin

Burger King Launches Whoppercoin
Burger King Russia has launched its own cryptocurrency in the form of whoppercoin, releasing one billion of them.

Burger King has previously signalled its intent to accept Bitcoin in Russia as it does in other franchises, but this is the first time a fast food outlet has launched its own digital currency.

Making Waves

Whoppercoin has been created using Waves. This is an open source blockchain platform allowing anyone to launch, distribute and trade their own crypto token.

Is Crypto the Future of Loyalty Reward Schemes?

Whoppercoin works by purchasing a burger and then scanning the receipt so whoppercoin is placed into an online wallet. This functions as a loyalty reward scheme as customers can then use these coins to make purchases.

It remains to be seen whether whoppercoin becomes as popular as other cryptocurrencies (for trading). What it demonstrates however is retailers, restaurateurs and other businesses can now innovate with blockchain technology to promote a new form of marketing which could eventually define how we do business and conduct everyday life. 
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