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Another Episode of Bitcoin

Posted 14 September 2017 Another Episode of Bitcoin
Written by Jon Gulson @jongulson

Ol’ Ma Money was on her deathbed, with husband Ol’ Father Fiat beside her. ‘I have one final  wish ’, spoke Ol’ Ma. ‘Yes honey? ’ Ol’ Pa replied. ‘In the next life, I want to be a bitcoin ’.

A what? ’ Ol’ Pa was about to ask, when he looked into Ma’s eyes and momentarily saw something he’d not seen in years – an undimmed spark of light. For in her younger years, Ol’ Ma had been a vivacious, carefree and sometimes audacious woman wanting the best for herself and family.

While Ol’ Father Fiat’s work was something of a mystery to Ol’ Ma – and she didn’t ask too many questions – their marriage was for the most part content and lived in a state of what seemed perpetual grace and fulfillment. Whilst not all plain sailing, the refracting waters they sailed were redolent of nature in balance.

As their lives progressed, it seemed the world became less distant and financial engineering more sophisticated. Medicine cured more, science solved more and culture broke barriers. Same for their children, as they witnessed more history than all time put together.

Everything was carrying itself in a different way. Lifestyles evolved, unrecognisable from times past.  

And then the carry began to hurry and the hurry began to hustle. And one day, Ol’ Ma took ill.

She complained to the Ol’ Man of feeling listless at first. ‘I can’t do or give as much as I used to ’, complained Ol’ Ma. The Ol’ fella, who always held a fraction of himself in reserve, shrugged off Ol’ Ma’s melancholy as part and parcel of aging. 

And then she deteriorated. It was when Ol’ Ma began to forget herself, they realised assistance was needed.

The Doctor initially believed all wasn’t lost and began an intense course of treatment called debt. She’d received this before as little pick-me-ups, but this time the dosages were way higher. It created temporary relief for which Ol’ Ma was grateful. Ol’ Pa also suggested fresh air, as he often found this could conjure life anew.

Alas, the malady returned. Ignoring the Doctors, she considered alternative therapies and began to educate herself on something her grandparents once talked about called sound money. She then found herself reading about ideal money, cryptography, computers and digital technology.

Unfortunately for Ol’ Ma, it was too late. She knew her life was done. Ol’ Pa sensed this and spoke to the Doctor in hope. ‘No-one lives forever ’ said the Doctor eloquently ‘and I fear the time is near - but find solitude in Ol’ Ma leaving this world a better place than she found it.’ 

Ol’ Pa’s brow was furrowed, forlorn and his legs felt heavy. He wandered back to Ol Ma’s side, knowing the game was up. ‘I have one final wish ’, spoke Ol’ Ma. ‘Yes honey? ’ Ol’ Pa replied. ‘In the next life, I want to be a bitcoin ’.

Written by Jon Gulson @jongulson
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